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16 September 2017: AGM followed by :

Joanna Kyffin

Dr Joanna Kyffin: 'A Woman's Place: Female Bodies in Egyptian Medicine and Literature.'

When women are mentioned in the context of ancient Egypt, it’s often with the assumption or implication that they were considered second-class citizens - illiterate, restricted to the spheres of childbearing and homemaking, given less space in the historical record, depicted as subservient in art. However, a close linguistic and textual analysis of magico-medical texts, and broader Egyptian literature shows a rather different picture. Exploring the evidence will allow us to draw a more nuanced picture of a woman’s place in ancient Egypt’. 


Dr Joanna Kyffin studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, completing her PhD on Ramesside Magical Texts in 2009. After that, she undertook a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Copenhagen, looking at the use of nonsensical language in magical texts, before working at the Egypt Exploration Society from 2010-2014. Since then, Jo has started an online teaching venture, HieroEducation, teaching entirely online courses in Egyptology, and had a baby - one of these has severely eaten into her spare time…