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Study day Part 2 2020-2021

21 August 2021

The Study Day was split and the first half took place on 24 July. The second part will be given on 21 August. Please remember this is a virtual meeting using ZOOM.

Do not worry if you missed Part 1 - the second part covers the post Amarna period of Ancient Egypt.

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Dylan Bickerstaffe 'Royal Ladies Of The New Kingdom.'

 From Ahhotep to Ankhesenamun, from Nefertiti to Nefertari, the royal wives and mothers of Dynasties 18 - 20 include some of Egypt's most significant and enigmatic characters. This study day explores the lives, roles and iconography of Egypt's female royalty. Part 1 covered the earlier period of Egyptian history. Part 2 deals with the 19th Dynasty on.  


Dylan Bickerstaffe has spent the last few decades lecturing extensively and leading tours to Egypt on his own and for travel companies. He has authored/contributed to journals (KMT, Ancient Egypt, JACF, The Heritage of Egypt) and books (The Royal Cache TT320: A Re-examination (2010, ed. Belova & Graefe), An Ancient Egyptian Case Book (reprinted 2016), and Refugees for Eternity: The Royal Mummies of Thebes (published in stages)).  

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Due to Zoom, this meeting will commence at 13.00 UK time. The Zoom session opens at 12.30 and participants are admitted from the waiting room from 12.45 ready for the 13.00 start. The close out is usually between 17.30 and 18.00.  

Study Day Fee for 2021: UK Members: £8 for 21 August 2020, Overseas Members £10, Non-Members; £12.

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 21 August 2021 Study Day Part 2. 

4. For Whom The Sun Doth Shine: Nefertari Beloved of Mut.

5. The Ancient Egyptian Harem- Drudgery or Debauchery? and Home to Conspiracy . . .

6. The Last Queens of the Kingdom.

 The waiting room will open about 12.45pm for a 1pm start UK time.                  
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Study day 2021 - 2022 

Saturday 16 July 2022

John Wyatt and Hilary Wilson: 'Small Creatures - The Less Familiar Wildlife of Ancient Egypt.'

This day will be delivered over four sessions, each devoted to a group of the lesser-known wild animals portrayed in Egyptian art and artefacts. John’s zoological identification of the various species will be combined with Hilary’s analysis of the cultural or religious significance of these animals within Egyptian society. 

1: Tooth and Claw – The Smaller Cats and Dogs
2:  Matters of Identification – Art v Zoology
3:  Living on the Edge – Dwellers of the Desert Fringes
4:  Sink or Swim – Tortoises and Turtles

There will also be an Introduction and Q&A sessions: timings to be published later along with cost.