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Study day 2019-2020

Dylan Bickerstaffe 'Royal Ladies Of The New Kingdom.'

 From Ahhotep to Ankhesenamun, from Nefertiti to Nefertari, the royal wives and mothers of Dynasties 18 - 20 include some of Egypt's most significant and enigmatic characters. This study day explores the lives, roles and iconography of Egypt's female royalty.  

Study Day Fee: Members: £20 Non-Members; £25. 


Dylan Bickerstaffe has spent the last few decades lecturing extensively and leading tours to Egypt on his own and for travel companies. He has authored/contributed to journals (KMT, Ancient Egypt, JACF, The Heritage of Egypt) and books (The Royal Cache TT320: A Re-examination (2010, ed. Belova & Graefe), An Ancient Egyptian Case Book (reprinted 2016), and Refugees for Eternity: The Royal Mummies of Thebes (published in stages)).  

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