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15 February 2020



Lee Young 'The Life and Work of Nina de Garis Davies.'

 Nina de Garis Davies is regarded as the finest archaeological artist of the 20th Century, with good reason, her paintings bring Ancient Egypt alive and are exact replicas of the many tombs she worked in. The lecture will tell the story of Nina, along with husband Norman, and will be illustrated with many of these beautiful paintings.  


 Lee Young is an independent researcher and lecturer who has been working, for a few years now, as a research volunteer, for The Griffith Institute Archive which is part of Oxford University. She has also worked on a project for the Egyptian Exploration Society. She is currently working on the letters of Myrtle Broome for the Griffith and her research into the archaeological artists, takes up most of her time together with lectures and writing articles for various publications. She is also a partner in a travel company that organises Specialist Archaeology tours to Egypt and the European Egyptology collections.