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17 February 2018

 John Billman

John Billman 'Hatshepsut: The Eternal Female Pharaoh of Egypt - Her Monuments Explored' 
Daughter of one Pharaoh, widow of another, Hatshepsut is best known for becoming Egypt's first successful female ruler. This talk explores her monuments, from the Deir el-Bahri temple, considering both famous and lesser-known scenes and examples of archaism, to Karnak where she erected obelisks and constructed the Red Chapel, as well as evidence from Nubia which helps us to challenge the traditional narrative of this queen.


John holds a Masters in Egyptian Archaeology from UCL and teaches Egyptology for the Continuing Education Department of Oxford University (OUDCE) and the WEA. John is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, Chairman of the South Asasif Conservation Trust and a mission member of the South Asasif Conservation Project where amongst other duties he is responsible for Object Registration. For further information about TVAES Egyptology activities in Reading visit the website.

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