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19 May 2018


lucia gahlin
Lucia Gahlin:
"'Brilliant Things:' Ancient Egyptian Faience' 
The material today called faience was known to the Ancient Egyptians as 'brilliant.' This lecture explores the developments in faience manufacture from the Predynastic to the Roman Period in Egypt (c4000BC - 400AD) and shows how Egyptian faience was used to make a wide range of practical and decorative objects.


Lucia Gahlin specialises in the archaeology of Egypt, and is an Honorary Research Associate at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She is also a visiting lecturer for the University of Bristol’s Department of Archaeology and Anthropology and teaches online Egyptology for the University of Exeter. Lucia’s research centres on ancient Egyptian daily life rituals and beliefs, especially around purification and rites of passage. She has worked at Tell el-Amarna in Middle Egypt.