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19 January 2019

Nigel Strudwick


Nigel Strudwick 'Egyptian Decrees, Biographies, Accounts & Formulae in the Age of the Pyramids'
The talk will look at the people of the Old Kingdom through the written word. It was at this time that continuous texts first appeared. Kings left decrees of exemptions for temples and officials created elaborate tombs with inscriptions. Some early papyri show ordinary people at work and give clues to the temple rituals.  

 Nigel has studied Egypt for over 40 years, and has been working there regularly since 1979. He was a curator in the British Museum from 1998-2009. In 2006-2007 and 2011-2015 he taught in Memphis. Research interests vary widely between the Old Kingdom and the Late Period; he has undertaken fieldwork in Luxor. Have a look at his web site devoted to the Tomb of Senneferi (TT99) at Luxor. The publication of the first volume appeared in October 2016.