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16 January 2021

Details of the extra meeting on 27 January 2021 are given at the bottom of this page. 

The talks this month will be 'virtual' - like the talks given in June and July 2020. Registration for the Maria Nilsson and John Ward  lecture will open as soon as possible after John Billman's talk on 16 January 2021.  

 John Billman 'Art Of The Old Kingdom.'  

The talk will be 'virtual.'  

By the time of the 5th and 6th Dynasties, Egyptian artistic conventions and the canon of proportion were well established. Old Kingdom tombs, especially those at Saqqara, contain some of the most vivid images which provide a wealth of information about everyday life. This talk will examine the ways in which the Egyptian artist conveyed layer upon layer of detail within each scene and includes material from tombs only recently opened to the public.     


Biography John holds a Masters in Egyptian Archaeology from UCL and teaches Egyptology for the Continuing Education Department of Oxford University (OUDCE) and the WEA. John is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, Chairman of the South Asasif Conservation Trust and a mission member of the South Asasif Conservation Project where amongst other duties he is responsible for Object Registration. For further information about TVAES Egyptology activities in Reading visit the website.     


 EXTRA MEETING 27 January 2021 at 7 pm:  

 Registration for this lecture will open as soon as possible after John Billman's talk on 16 January.  

 Maria Nilsson and John Ward: 'Life & death in Ancient Kheny, based on new discoveries at Gebel el-Silsila’ . 

The talk will be 'virtual.' 

The fee for this meeting is £5 for both members and guests. As an extra meeting, the fee is not covered by the advance payments for the Saturday lectures. 

The Swedish mission has conducted archaeological work at Gebel el-Silsila (Upper Egypt) since 2012, with several ground-breaking results ranging from Prehistory to Late Antiquity. This lecture will focus on the lives (and deaths) of the people of Ancient Kheny based on recently excavated material, with special focus on the New Kingdom.  

The waiting room will open about 6.45pm for a 7 pm start.  
Zoom Meeting Joining Instructions  

To join the meeting on 27 January all you have to do is follow these steps:  

1: Click/tap on the registration link you have been sent. You will be asked to enter your name and email address to register for the meeting. Visitors please contact the Secretary at to obtain a link.   

2: If you have not already paid the meeting fee in advance, contact the Secretary at to arrange payment. Payments can be made by BACS transfer, through PayPal, or by cheque. Details on the website 'Join Us' page.  

3: Look out for the meeting link which will be sent during the week before the talk. You may need to check your junk or spam folders in case it goes astray. If you have not received this link by the day before the meeting please try registering again or contact the Secretary. For reasons of security and copyright the meeting link should not be shared with anyone else.  

Remember, the registration link you will be given is specific to the meeting on 27 January. A new registration link will be issued for each future meeting.