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20 January 2018

Hilary Wilson 

Hilary Wilson 'Three Into Two Will Go: Artistic Conventions in Ancient Egypt'
This talk explores the Egyptian conventions of illustrating solid objects in two dimensions in wall paintings and relief sculpture. This includes the use of colour and the combination of different views in one image to create an alternative to perspective as well as the canon of proportion employed for portrayal of the human form.

Hilary was for some years an Associate Lecturer in Maths and Archaeology with the Open University. Since the 1990s she has taught Egyptology courses for the University of Southampton Continuing Education Department, the WEA and other adult learning groups as well as introducing Ancient Egypt to primary school pupils in the guise of Setkemet, 'The Egyptian Lady'. She has written several books on Ancient Egypt and is a staff contributor to Ancient Egypt Magazine. Recently retired (almost) from teaching Mathematics, she devotes her leisure time to writing Egyptian-themed fiction.

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