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21 March 2020



John Billman 'Art Of The Old Kingdom.'

 By the time of the 5th and 6th Dynasties, Egyptian artistic conventions and the canon of proportion were well established. Old Kingdom tombs, especially those at Saqqara, contain some of the most vivid images which provide a wealth of information about everyday life. This talk will examine the ways in which the Egyptian artist conveyed layer upon layer of detail within each scene and includes material from tombs only recently opened to the public.  


John holds a Masters in Egyptian Archaeology from UCL and teaches Egyptology for the Continuing Education Department of Oxford University (OUDCE) and the WEA. John is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society, Chairman of the South Asasif Conservation Trust and a mission member of the South Asasif Conservation Project where amongst other duties he is responsible for Object Registration. For further information about TVAES Egyptology activities in Reading visit the website.