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16 March 2019

Paul Nicholson


Paul Nicholson 'Going to the Dogs: New Work at the Catacombs of Anubis, North Saqqara' 
No serious work has been carried out at the North Saqqara Catacombs of Anubis, known since the late 19th Century, before Nicholson’s present project. The re-mapped galleries have been re-interpreted and the number of animals they might have held is very much higher than previously believed, now thought to number in the millions. This talk reviews the history of the catacomb and the new work carried out there.  


Professor Nicholson was awarded his PhD in archaeology at Sheffield University in 1987. He held several post-doctoral positions at Sheffield working on aspects of ancient Egyptian pottery before being appointed lecturer in archaeology at Cardiff University. He is currently a Professor of Archaeology in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff. His research interests include ancient technology, sacred animal cults and the uses and history of photography in archaeology and Egyptology. His publications include The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt (with Ian Shaw), Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology (co-edited with Ian Shaw), Brilliant Things for Akhenaten and most recently Working in Memphis.