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18 November 2017

Peter Phillips 

Peter Phillips
'But Where Did They Live?'

'"When tourists visit Egypt . . . they cannot fail to be impressed by the pyramids, temples and tombs that are everywhere. But all of these monuments were erected for the dead, built of stone so that they would last for 'millions of years.' If visitors pause for thought, they may ask the question, 'but where did they live?' In 2006, I visited you to give a lecture about the houses and palaces built in mud-brick that were the homes of ancient egyptiansIn recent years, this has become a hot topic among Egyptologists and the subject of current research. In this lecture, I hope to be able to give you a glimpse of more recent discoveries that are enabling us to build a picture of the way in which individula houses, villages and towns developed over the millennia.



Peter has written and published books on Ancient Egypt. He lectures on the subject to Egyptology Societies in the UK and abroad, and is Treasurer of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society. He is a retired IT professional and has a particular interest in Ancient Egyptian architecture.