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16th June 2018

 Glenn Worthington 'Tutankhamun's Funeral

Tutankhamun's tomb is so unlike any other royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings that we have to ask if the objects buried with him are indicative of the funerary goods buried with other Pharaohs. How were the treasures chosen and how were they packed? Was the tomb cut for someone else and, if so, is there another tomb that was intended for him? Can we reconstruct the events of the day he was buried? This presentation examines the tomb and its contents to see what we can learn about the boy-king's funeral.


Glenn is a founder-member of the Southampton Ancient Egypt Society and has been the Society Treasurer since its inception. His previous talks have included 'The Window of Appearances,' 'Obelisks' and 'Theban Holidays: The Festivals of Thebes.'

                                   Tutankhamun Tomb