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This is the 22nd July 2018 updated edition of the website. Any ideas and contributions for additions to the site will be gratefully received.

 Latest: The update of the site for the next season has begun. If you would like a sneak peek at next season's talks, see below or go to the programme tab and scroll down. Our October speaker has had to cancel, so an announcement of October's talk will be made soon. December's meeting will now be with John Wyatt. Please note that the monthly summary tabs have not yet been changed over, but will be updated soon.

The January through to June editions of Hotep have been added. Hotep is under the 'About Us' tab and then under 'Hotep Newsletter.'.

The Study Day on 21st July concluded the Society's twentieth season in fine style. There is no August meeting, as many of our members are away for the holidays. The next meeting will be on 15th September and will be our AGM; followed by Hilary Wilson giving our birthday talk, beginning our twenty-first season with 'Many Happy Returns: Egyptian Celebrations of Rebirth and Renewal.' It was back in September 1998 that Hilary gave the very first talk to the Society. 

'Hoodies,' sweatshirts and polo shirts are selling well. Several members have worn them at recent meetings. They all have a woven 'Southampton Ancient Egypt Society logo,' and are available to order. Colours are white, navy or sky blue. Please see Annette at any future meeting.

15 September 2018 AGM followed by:
Hilary Wilson:
'Many Happy Returns: Egyptian Celebrations of Rebirth and Renewal. '

20 October 2018:  

Our booked speaker has been forced to cancel. Watch this space.

17 November 2018: 
Lidja McNight:

'Gifts For The Gods; Animal Mummies Revealed.'

15 December 2018:
John Wyatt:
'The Other Gifts of the Nile.'

19 January 2019: 
Nigel Strudwick:

'Egyptian Decrees, Biographies, Accounts & Formulae in the Age of the Pyramids.'

16 February 2019: 
Mark Walker:

'Mummies at the Movies.'

16 March 2019:
Paul Nicholson:

'Going to the Dogs: New Work at the Catacombs of Anubis, North Saqqara.'

13 April 2019: 
Paul Collins:
'Egypt's Origins - The View From Mesopotamia and Iran.'

18 May 2019: 
Luigi Prada:

'Egypt in Rome: Obelisks and Ancient Cultural Appropriation.' 

15 June 2019:
Robert Morkot:
‘Gebel Barkal, The Holy Mountain of Napata’ 

20 July 2019:
Study Day with Aidan Dodson:
'Valley of the Kings.'
This is a full day and, for this meeting only in the 2018 - 2019 season, the doors open at 09.30.