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This is the 19th November 2019 updated edition of the website. Any ideas and contributions for additions to the site will be gratefully received. Please note that the website update is now complete. Check back often for Society news. 

The next meeting will be on 14 December 2019, when Anna Welch and Annette Winter speak on 'Drink Like an Egyptian - Another Round.' Please note that his is the second Saturday of the month. The meeting is on this Saturday due to the Chritmas break. As usual, doors open at 13.30 for a 14.00 start. The meeting will finish around 16.30.  As is traditional, members sometimes bring along craft items for sale.

There have been problems with the Society email address. A new address has now been obtained -

The old email address still works, and will be monitored from time to time. However, the new is now the best way to contact Southampton Ancient Egypt Society electronically. Telephone and postal address remain the same.   

The September 2019 edition of Hotep has been added to the website.  Hotep is under the 'About Us' tab and then under 'Hotep Newsletter'. Future editions of Hotep will be added shortly after they are published.

Hoodies,' sweatshirts and polo shirts are selling well. Several members have worn them at recent meetings. They all have a woven 'Southampton Ancient Egypt Society logo,' and are available to order. Colours are white, navy or sky blue. Please see Annette at any future meeting.

Photograph. Current and former committee members at the 20th birthday meeting in September 2018. Left to right, David Marriott, Susan Marriott, Keith Rider, Jenny Turner, Carol Carswell, Norman Pease, Glenn Worthington, Hilary Wilson, Annette Winter, David Soper, Nicola Simpson, Mary Carter, Mark Walker, Maggie Pilling and Peter Funnel.  

The full 2019 - 2020 programme is given below:

21 September 2019 AGM followed by:
Hilary Wilson:
'Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun, Female Horus.'

19 October 2019:
Wolfram Grajetzki:
'Looking Like A Goddess. Jewellery of the Middle Kingdom.'

16 November 2019:
Glenn Godenho:
'Being An Ideal Official In A Less Than Ideal World.'

14 December 2019:
Anna Welch and Annette Winter:
'Drink Like An Egyptian - Another Round.'

18 January 2020:
Sarah Griffiths:
'The Rise Of The Middle Kingdom: Nebhepetre Mentuhotep & The Return Of The Pooh-Bahs.'

15 February 2020:
Lee Young:
'The Life And Work Of Nina de Garis Davies.'

21 March 2020:
John Billman:
'Art Of The Old Kingdom.'

18 April 2020:
Professor Rosalie David:
'Egyptian Mummies And Modern Science: Research At The KNH Centre For Biological Egyptology, University of Manchester.' 

16 May 2020:
Liam McNamara:
'Exploring The Dynastic Town And Temple Enclosure Of Hierakonpolis.'

20 June 2020:
Anna Garnett:
'The People Behind The Petrie Museum.' 

18 July 2020:
Study Day with Dylan Bickerstaffe:
'Royal Ladies Of The New Kingdom.'
This is a full day and, for this meeting only in the 2019 - 2020 season, the doors open at 09.30.