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21 April 2018


Roland Enmarch
Roland Enmarche:
'The Tale of Sinuhe: Biography and Poetry in Middle Kingdom Literature' 
The Tale of Sinuhe, one of the best known works of Egyptian literature, was popular with ancient readers for over 750 years. The adventures of its eponymous hero constitute a profound meditation on human nature and what it meant to be an Egyptian. The lecture examines how the Tale relates to other Middle Kingdom texts in order to interpret the story's meaning.



Roland Enmarch graduated from Oxford with a BA in Oriental Studies (Ancient Egyptian with Akkadian), and a DPhil specialising in Middle Egyptian pessimistic poetry, arriving at Liverpool University in 2004. As well as continuing to work on literary laments, he also studies quarrying and expeditionary inscriptions, particularly those from the alabaster quarries at Hatnub.