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20 October 2018



Chris Naunton

  Chris Naunton: ‘Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt: Why, How and What Next?’

Exploring our fascination with ancient Egyptian tombs, the stories of their discoverers and the mystery and romance of 'lost' tombs such as those of Imhotep, Nefertiti, Herihor and Cleopatra. Why have they not yet been found and will they ever be found? 


Dr Chris Naunton is an Egyptologist, writer, broadcaster and public speaker. His book, Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt will be published by Thames & Hudson in October 2018. Well known for TV work, he has several projects in progress. He is a postgraduate mentor for the University of Birmingham and works with several not-for-profit organisations including the Robert Anderson Research Charitable Trust (RARCT) and International Association of Egyptologists (IAE).

(Biography from Chris's website