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14 September 2023 Thursday 1900 UK Time:


 Annual General Meeting - for members. No charge for this meeting. 


16 September 2023 Saturday 1400 UK Time:

Hilary Wilson

 'Silver in Ancient Egypt: Sources and Uses.'   

Our Chairperson, Hilary Wilson will give today's virtual talk.

The sun-god Ra was described as having flesh of gold, bones of silver and hair of real lapis lazuli, linking his immortality with the incorruptibility of precious metals and stones. As gold had solar connotations, so silver was the metal associated with the moon but, while being famous for their lavish exploitation of gold, the Egyptians’ use of silver is less well-known. Hilary’s presentation will explore the origins of the pharaohs’ silver, the processes of extraction and the metalworking techniques used to create silver artefacts. She will look at some of the decorative and funerary purposes to which silver was put, from jewellery and amulets to ritual vessels and royal coffins.  


Hilary Wilson is Founder Chair of the Southampton Ancient Egypt Society, Hilary Wilson is a retired Maths teacher and former Open University lecturer. For many years she ran Adult Education courses in Egyptology for the University of Southampton and for WEA groups across Hampshire. She has written several books on popular Egyptology and is a regular contributor to Ancient Egypt Magazine. Hilary was awarded her MA in Egyptology from the University of Manchester in 2022.  


The waiting room will open about 13.45 for a 14.00 start UK time.                  
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