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Details of the 7th October 2023 face-to-face meeting are given at the bottom of this page. 


Saturday 21 October 2023 1400 UK Time:


Anna Pearman: 'Howard Carter's 1922 Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb: Its Impact on Archaeology and the Media.' 

The Terry Mason Memorial Lecture - a tribute to our dear friend and founder member, Terry Mason (1938-2016)


The news frenzy around the 1922 discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, described as ‘the single most significant media event in archaeology’s history’, introduced Egyptology to a worldwide audience. The resulting massive increase in demand for Egyptology for popular consumption caused archaeologists to adapt the ways they recorded and published their work and interacted with the public. This further fuelled a seemingly insatiable appetite for all things Egyptological which is still felt today. Amongst other lasting effects of the discovery, Anna discusses the developments in archaeological practice, the changes brought about in the position and influence of wealthy private sponsors, and the role of the media in creating the Tutankhamun mythology, including the notorious Curse.   

Anna Pearman  is a retired Humanities Professor, Vincennes University, USA. She studied Egyptology at Chicago University under Dr David Silverman, worked as an artist for the Chicago House Epigraphic Survey under the direction of Dr Lanny Bell and Dr William J Murnane, and met Terry Mason while studying for the MA in Egyptology at the University of Swansea. ‘Being older students nearing retirement age, we became fast friends and remained in touch over the years. I knew of his battle with leukaemia, cheered him on as best I could and felt shattered when he succumbed to his illness. When I visited the SAES website, the inspiration came over me to write and propose a lecture in memoriam.’ This talk is the result of that inspiration.   


 The waiting room will open about 15 minutes before the start, UK time.                  
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Registration for this lecture will open in late September or early October 2023. 

Saturday 7 October 2023 1400 UK Time:  Face-toFace Meeting at Itchen College.


Hilary Wilson: 'The Women In Tutankhamun's Life.'  


 When Tutankhamun became King of Egypt around 1334BC he was no more than ten years old and an orphan. His boyhood had been spent surrounded by some very influential women who would have been responsible for shaping his character and preparing him for his accession to the throne. This talk explores the roles of Tutankhamun’s female relatives and the women of his court in guiding the boy-pharaoh to manhood and kingship. 

This meeting is face-to-face only and places are limited.   Booking in advance for this meeting is essential.  Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of the meeting fee £5.  To reserve a place for this talk, please contact the Secretary

Payments may be made by PayPal, Bank Transfer or cheque. Payment details are available on the website 'Join Us' tab.   Please note that on Saturday the main entrance to Itchen College is closed so access to the carpark is from Whites Road.  Access details and map are also available on the 'About Us' tab and then 'Meetings Venue.'